Words That Rock

In our times, “to rock”, means to get the music going with a beat that gets everybody moving and grooving!  So, for a guy who grew up in the early days of Rock and Roll, it signifies everything that is “cool” and “exciting.” 

Jesus said, “Heaven and earth with pass away, but my words will never pass away” (Matthew 24:35).  By this, he was saying that his words (and their meanings) would be around forever, even beyond the longevity of the universe itself!

By contrast, the temporal words of men pass away in short order.  Some drop like lead bricks into a bottomless pit!  Others may last and seem “eternal” by our standards, but alas (no matter their number or status) they too, like the morning mist, will pass away.   

Eternal words, Forever words, God’s words, are the ones that rock!  What could be more exciting?  So, since we have them, let’s invest time in them.  They will be good for today and tomorrow and, yes, forever! 

This blog is dedicated to examining, meditating on, and enjoying the words that truly rock!  God’s words!


About wordsthatrock

I live in the Colorado Rockies with my wonderful family and love to read the Word of God and share my thoughts and meditations with others like you!
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